Creating Beauty and a Sense of Home with Builders Design

As you wander through the Bay Creek PH&N Model Home, you’ll immediately notice an innovative and on-trend approach to materials, room uses and finishing touches. That’s the magic of Builders Design, a nationally recognized and award-winning interior design firm that promises to steer clear of “vanilla” with over 45 years of success across the homebuilding, real estate, commercial and hospitality industries.

Staying on top of a myriad of trends, demographic needs and wants and local market influences, Builders Design (BD) carefully regards a whole host of style considerations for each unique project they take on. They partner with one of the world’s top trend research companies which provides them an advantage in forecasting trends in design, color, fit and finish, as well as smart home technology. BD looks for ways to elevate emotion, mood and appeal from entryway, to kitchen, to loft and outdoor living areas.

“We love finding a way to seamlessly blend the builder’s vision, homeowner needs and current trends into the most incredible design. Our team is proud to be able to synthesize these elements in a way that is functional, beautiful and completely satisfying,” says Kelly Mangum, Regional Vice President of Builders Design.

At Preserve Homes & Neighborhoods’ Bay Creek Model Home, the goal was to create a space that effortlessly fits into the Eastern Shore lifestyle. Through our partnership with BD, the Bay Creek Model Home came to life. The design style can be described as crisp and bright, modern coastal and tailored, while the finish style embraces mixed metals, bright white cabinetry and white oak floors. As for the colors, fresh, moody blues and organic textures were the inspiration.

Adding colors, patterns, fixtures, textures and furnishings to create a deep sense of livability between the bricks and sticks and a sense of home second to none is a trademark of Builders Design. If you are ready to discover coastal living at its finest, come preview the Bay Creek Model Home in Cape Charles on Virginia’s Cape

Studio Mas Creative: Delivering MORE to Homebuyers

At PH&N, we seek out highly qualified partners who will elevate the homebuilding experience for our clients. With a fantastic partner in the award-winning Studio Mas Creative, PH&N can deliver on that promise, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable process for the buyer as they embark on their dream home.

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Leadership Highlight: Dave Durham

At Preserve Homes & Neighborhoods (PH&N), we’re proud to introduce a vital member of the leadership team, Dave Durham. As a Division Manager of PH&N, Dave helps create gorgeous, personalized dwellings that not only capture the essence of our spectacular surroundings but also optimize each homeowner’s quality of life.

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