Leadership Highlight – Kevin Popson

In our commitment to creating a strong culture of connection at Preserve Communities, we’d like to introduce you to an integral member of our homebuilder team, Kevin Popson. As a Division Manager for VA and NC of Preserve Homes & Neighborhoods, Kevin utilizes his impressive 30 years of industry experience to make PH&N a grand success. He’s a highly-respected pioneer of the Preserve Homes & Neighborhoods leadership team, so we’re sharing a bit more about him and what makes him such an ambitious expert in the homebuilding industry.   


Kevin, when did you join the PH&N team, and what prompted you to do so? 

I happily joined the team in early 2020. Jeff (Coggin) reached out to me about this intriguing idea to start a brand new homebuilding business. Jeff and I go way back—I’ve known him since 1990. Not only do I consider him a great friend, but we’ve also worked well together on several successful homebuilding and community projects. So the idea of working with both him and another terrific colleague, Dave Durham, was incredibly compelling. But I was also enthusiastic about the challenge of creating a brand new homebuilding company from scratch. Having done it before, I knew I could aptly do it again. 


Your professional career covers a wide variety of endeavors over the past 30 years, from almost every aspect of real estate to upper-executive positions with homebuilders (like John Wieland) to board member and town councilman. How have these experiences prepared you for your job at PH&N? 

All of those endeavors have helped me to grow in many ways. They’ve given me the experience and the drive to triumph over any challenge that comes my way. I’ve gained the tenacity to keep chipping away at whatever needs to be done — such as cultivating relationships and building a good reputation with tradespeople who’d never heard of PH&N before. Now they trust and enjoy working with us, but that’s just one small example. Overall, work is work — it requires close and daily management to keep everything running smoothly and effectively. My experience and background, along with a great team of people, are helping to make it happen at PH&N. 


What’s your favorite part of the home building process?  

The beginning! For me, the start of a new home build is always exciting and fun, especially when it comes to framing. I love hearing the nail guns popping, the saws buzzing, and there’s nothing quite like that aroma of fresh, new lumber. All combined, it means things are happening, and we’re making good progress. On the flip side, I also love seeing the long-term results of our previous communities and homebuilding projects. I get a kick out of riding through neighborhoods that we’ve built and seeing how well they’ve turned out. I’m proud to say that they’ve all withstood the test of time and look even better now than they did at the beginning! Seeing such positive outcomes from these big projects, which literally started from an idea on a piece of paper to the reality that they are today, gives me a tremendous amount of pride. 


Are there any specific areas of homebuilding that really excite you? 

The sale and introduction to our new homeowner. While the sale is fun, the work starts and the customer’s satisfaction is priority one. You’ve got to ensure that customers have an excellent experience throughout the entire homebuilding process…and beyond. If they’re not happy, I’m not happy, and I’ll work hard to make it right.  


Can you briefly share a favorite success story regarding the work you’ve done so far at PH&N? 

I have a few. First was getting our first home underway. Breaking ground on our first new model home represented the culmination of all the hard work we did to make it happen — like creating budgets and proformas, hiring tradespeople, procuring raw materials, and so much more. It was fantastic to see it all come to fruition. If we can keep the pace that we’re at right now, the model should be complete by late November/early December. The second was our hiring of Dan Marro. We’ve worked together before – Dan ran the Raleigh division of John Wieland Homes under Dave Durham, and we all knew he was a significant asset. Having him run the day-to-day operations for PH&N is a huge win for us. We’re grateful to have him on the leadership team.  


In your opinion, what are the top three benefits of working with PH&N? 

Our clients can expect, at minimum, these benefits from our team: 

  1. Decades of combined top-notch community and homebuilding experience, which means our clients can rest assured that they’re working with knowledgeable professionals.
  2. A non-stop commitment to quality and attention to detail, ensuring our clients receive a superior product. Plus our unmatched warranty.  
  3. A huge desire to satisfy every owners so that they’re delighted with both their home and their community. 


You’re currently building PH&N homes in Bay Creek. What’s your favorite feature in that particular community?  

The incredible Bay Creek golf course is what initially comes to mind. The first time I visited Bay Creek was in the early 2000s. I played golf there with my family, and I remember being impressed. However, my absolute favorite feature is the view of the Chesapeake Bay. It’s breathtaking. It’s a unique asset because it can’t be fabricated or re-created anywhere else… it’s only available at Bay Creek.  


Soon PH&N will build homes at Albemarle Plantation. What’s your favorite feature in that community? 

Once again, it’s all about the water. The view overlooking the Albemarle Sound is like none other. You have to see it to believe it.  


We’ve learned a lot about you and Preserve Homes and Neighborhoods, but would you care to share a fun fact about yourself? Perhaps something most don’t know about you? 

I’m an aspiring pilot. Years ago, I took flying lessons and logged about 57 hours of fly time with 35 hours by myself. Family and business life got in the way, and I stopped taking lessons. However, I do plan on jumping back in. There’s nothing quite like flying.  


Ready to charter a new chapter in your life? We can help. Take a look at the great work Kevin and the PH&N team have already started at Bay Creek. If you like what you see, don’t delay. Pre-sales of PH&N homes are already well underway. Discerning buyers are jumping at the opportunity to obtain their favorite floorplans and homesites right now. Are you next? There’s only one way to find out. Start planning your visit today. 

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